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a_sweet_kissxox [userpic]
by a_sweet_kissxox (a_sweet_kissxox)
at January 12th, 2006 (02:55 am)

emotions: bouncy
song: why can't I? Liz Phair

Feel like posting random stuff.. I feel asleep at 7.00 so I'm not an insomniac, lol

Fell words etched into my heart
By a dagger peircing
Shape shifting as whispered words
Spoken in utter darkness
Piercing as blade cannot
Fingers threading down my neck
Vile, vulgur

I watch rendered helpless
As if bewitched, akin to one who love as a father
A still lingering shadow I have become
I look strong, a daughter of kings, a shielmaiden
Yet inside I crumble
Half believing evil words,spewed from a snake's mouth
I scream, no sound issues
Some days I dare to hope, oft hope to be free

To die fighting with valor not within this cage
Others I lose myself in despair, drowning
I'm a sister to the lonely darkness, forlorn, alone
Darkness is all I now know in the bitter watches of the night
Half spoken secrets uttered to enclosed walls

It was then I beheld him
Ranger, exile from the north
Hope of a dwindled race
Last of the line of Numenor
Veiling a royal beauty felt
Sternness akin to kings of old
A crown of wisdom on his brow beyond the mesure of man
Love was kindled for the captain of men
Heir of Isildur

A song my heart sang
Yearning for a love not mine
A love I knew would tread no farther
I know not whether I loved a shadow of a thought
Yet as I healed I knew
I grew to love another
I knew of a love that healed, let my spirits free